• Utrecht
  • november 27, 2021
  • 10:00 tot 17:00

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  • 27 november 2021 20 resterend
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Masterclass Trauma-Energetics with William Redpath

Kaaphoorndreef 66, kamer 2.08, 3563 AW Utrecht

10:00 tot 17:00
november 27, 2021


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Masterclass Trauma-Energetics with William Redpath

Kaaphoorndreef 66, kamer 2.08, 3563 AW Utrecht

10:00 tot 17:00
november 27, 2021


(date may be subject to change depending on travel schedule)

In November, William Redpath, energy healer, trauma therapist and author of ‘Trauma-energetics’ and ‘Trauma for beginners’, will be in the Netherlands for a masterclass. William has developed a method based on non-intentionality and following the natural trauma release process using colour, energetic impressions and energetic space-holding.

In his books, William often references myth, Greek classical theatre and English literature. This depth and context in human culture and psyche shows how trauma is a universal human experience. Solving traumatic patterning and breaking through the circles we can find ourselves in is a central theme in the lives of individuals, families and entire cultures.

The process of trauma release follows a unique flow for each individual, but is at the same time universal and in it’s core energetic. Your own energy system (in William’s words ‘Brain’, with a capital B) knows exactly what is needed to disentangle emotional and mental knots and solve energetic blockages. Therapists can learn how to facilitate this process.

You can learn a lot from a book, but guiding a fellow human with a trauma needs training in real life. With this masterclass William and I would like to offer space for this. Part of the day will be a demonstration session by William with a volunteer. He encourages energy therapists to use the method in their practices, integrate it, further develop it and share their results with each other.

Would you like to learn an energetic method that often helps where other methods fail? Are you an energy healer with a wish to underpin your treatments with solid practical skills? Then definitely join us!

The masterclass is English spoken. Dutch translation is available for the harder parts, but not word-for-word.


The class will be accredited by KTNO.


Reading William’s book before the class is not mandatory. However, if you would like to purchase it, you can find it here:


Serious psychological conditions require the attention of your physician. Complementary medicine is an addition, never a replacement of your regular health care. This class, or a session or course at Lied van de Merel is not a replacement for a visit to your general practitioner or specialist.